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Digital Media Endeavours – Day One – Pushing the Comfort Zone

Purpose of this Log

Today was the first day of my Digital Media Endeavour, on the path to push my comfort zone into the other creative industries. The purpose of this personal section is to keep a personal representation and log of my journey into Digital Media, alongside my current knowledge of the IT field and Development field. where cloud certifications are being earned. (Thank you Linux Academy)

Meeting Others

To all the fellow aspiring IT and Software Developers, I suggest it’s our duty to push our comfort zones and to become more proficient with business in general and understand how the other departments work & function. As a follower of John’s Sonmez’s work, one of his philosophies is get comfortable working unmotivated. In the context of business, this includes learning and interacting with other departments. When the CEO has an interview, offer to observe and give a hand. When the senior digital marketer asks for you to write a blog post in your expertise, say yes. I am firm believer of expanding our skill-sets and learning all areas of business, this can only raise our value to any company.

My Experience So Far

CreativeProcessDigital are offering an excellent course with a wealth of knowledge and advice available to those seeking the digital skills. If you are willing to things that extra mile, which I’m looking forward to demonstrate, so fat this course is promising.

How Does this course compare to Online courses?

From personal experience, I am unable to directly answer this question. However, at the end of three weeks, I will be able to give you an honest answer and look forward to what opportunities arise. As Grant Cardone would say, 10X!

This section will be an outline of what we accomplished and what we have been assigned for the day/week:

  • We created our first poster displaying six areas of the creative industries plus a job role within that specific section.
  • Second, we have been told what will happen over the next couple days, and a CV template will be created tomorrow. (We can bring our own CV in too)

For Ella’s reference: we need to create the report of a creative company by Friday, more will follow tomorrow. See you then!